Blaine Lucas

Please feel free to browse through my qualifications and related experience. I have been involved in public sector management for several years and understand that successful leadership requires the ability to balance an expertise in operational procedures with interpersonal skills. I am confident in my ability to effectively manage administrative functions and to foster internal/external relationships.

Blaine Lucas, AEMCA, CMM III, B.A., M.P.A.

Professional Profile

I have acquired experience with human resource management, strategic planning and program development in the private, municipal and provincial sectors. I have functioned in a management capacity with municipal operations in Durham Region, Niagara Region, County of Oxford, City of Hamilton & the Town of Milton. In the Paramedic Service profession, my responsibilities have included the administration of operations, labour relations, continuous quality improvement, quality assurance, procurement, recruitment, paramedic education and pre-hospital research.

In addition, I have experience with the management of law enforcement agencies in the municipal & provincial sectors. I understand the importance of regulatory frameworks and believe in open, transparent & responsive government operations. I am fully conversant with project management activities and possess the following qualifications:

  • Master of Public Administration - University of Western Ontario
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management - McMaster University (canidate 2015)
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Science - University of Windsor
  • Certificate in Criminology & Criminal Justice - University of Windsor
  • Certified Municipal Manager III - Ontario Municipal Management Institute
  • EMS Executive Designation - Ontario Association of Paramedic Chiefs
  • Progressive public sector management experience (15 years)
  • Expertise in continuous quality improvement & quality assurance initiatives
  • Knowledge of educational program development, facilitation & monitoring
  • Member of the Municipal Law Enforcement Officers Association
  • Member of the Ontario Association of Property Standards Officers
  • Member of the Ontario Association of Paramedic Chiefs (2001-2013)
  • Member of the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario
  • Emergency management credentials

I am dedicated to public administration, human resource practices, municipal law enforcement and paramedic service leadership with a focus on collaboration and process improvement.

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